Further business fields and investment areas

He who always does only what he can already do, always remains what he already is.

Henry Ford

Our core competence is and remains real estate projects. In the spirit of living with diversity, we have also opened up additional investment areas and are dedicated to new and innovative projects from other business areas.

PK Immobilien

PK Real Estate

PK Immobilieneigentums GbR, based in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, builds and manages its own real estate. Our properties include new buildings as well as listed properties for renovation.

Trailer: Nine lives – Cats in Istanbul


PK Film

This business division is really ‚out of the box‘ and offers creative space for projects that are attractive and worth promoting for us as an investor.

For example, with the film project “Nine lives- Cats in Istanbul”, we created an animal documentary that was both entertaining and yet very emotional, and which attracted a great deal of attention at film festivals.

Trailer: Nine lives – Cats in Istanbul

Another project is the tourist attraction i360, an almost 175m high observation tower with a rotating viewing platform, which provides a spectacular panoramic view in a futuristic design under the name British Airways i360 in Brighton/England.

This attraction is expanding and will soon be implemented in Los Angeles/USA.  Worldwide, the allocation of this spectacular tourist magnet is currently being examined.