Podstawski Concern


“Unternehmensgruppe Podstawski” is an umbrella organisation for many companies in Poland and Germany. As a holding, it controls them and is responsible for the overall strategic orientation. It has a leading position, moreover, the company is responsible for the movement of capital within the concern.

“Unternehmensgruppe Podstawski” is represented exclusively by subsidiaries and only they carry out operations. A considerable advantage of such a structure is its flexibility, since each subsidiary develops and implements strategies related to its own area of operation.

In Poland


Activ Investment Sp. z o.o.

Activ Investment, with more than 50 employees, is among the largest and the most important companies engaged in the preparation and implementation of projects in the south of Poland. In addition to the headquarters in Cracow, there are also branches in the Silesian metropolises of Katowice and in Wrocław. In 2016, a new branch will be opened in Warsaw. The company, established in 1996, completed, in the south of Poland, over 4 500 flats and commercial premises and sold them individually or in packages.

Activ Investment is constantly increasing its turnover and is consistently and dynamically increasing the scope of its investments. Numerous awards and distinctions in prestigious rankings and competitions, such as Business Gazelles and Forbes Diamonds, confirm its effective development.




TBW is a specialist company of the construction industry, which has 46 employees, specialises in the insulation of construction elements or buildings and performs improvement of concrete. TBW is one of the largest companies in this sector in Poland. Its head office is located in Cracow. With branches in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław, TBW operates successfully across the country. TBW cooperates closely with Quinting Zementol from Germany, which with its insulating systems is one of the leading companies in this industry in Europe.



Arch Pro

Arch Pro is one of the most renowned architectural studios in Poland. On behalf of the concern, Arch Pro manages all planning and design work, as well as various stages of work. The scope of its activities ranges from the preparation of an idea, obtaining the rights for development or construction permit and managing project work in various industries, to the construction supervision exercised over medium and large construction projects in Poland.




TBS as a company of housing construction, or an administrator of real property, currently manages approx. 340 flats, professionally managing the assets and real property which are part of real property of the company in Poland.


In Germany


Mein Lager 24 GmbH

Mein Lager 24 GmbH is a company established in 2008, operating a self-service warehouse. As part of this activity, the company makes closed warehouse spaces with the size from 1 m2 to 100 m2 available to individuals and companies. This way you can rent for a shorter or longer period a safe, heated and closed warehouse, using it for different purposes. Moreover, the company also rents small office space. For now the project is implemented based on own real property of the company in Mannheim.



WoBaMa e.K.

Planning, managing, supervising: WoBaMa Wohnraum & Bau Consulting, with its registered office in Mannheim, offers professional support for all phases of construction projects. Whether it is the creation of an individual project, handling the issues related to filing construction applications, preparation of projects or provision of expert analyses of the damage incurred, whether these are projects of buildings, their renovation, construction supervision or building management: WoBaMa is a competent partner in all these areas.



PK Immobilieneigentums GbR

Company for the ownership of real property – PK Immobilieneigentums GbR, with its registered office in Mannheim, executes structures, manages and maintains its own real property in Germany. A vast majority are newly constructed single-family houses and renovated buildings, under the conservation of monuments, located primarily in the metropolitan region of the Rhine and the Neckar River, where cities such Heidelberg and Mannheim are situated.



Podstawski Bauträger- und Immobilien GmbH

Podstawski Bauträger- und Immobilien GmbH is an individual investor for high standard buildings, operating primarily in the metropolitan region of the Rhine and the Neckar River. For over a decade, the company has completed over 100 exclusive construction projects for its clients.