Another phase of Osiedle Karolina is now on sale. The third building will provide 66 apartments  at a price from 4,700 PLN/m². Among them there will be an abundance of compact apartments, including 2-room premises with an area of 31 m² and 3-room apartments with an area of 44 m².

Apartments in the first phase have been sold out before the completion of the construction works. The second phase was delivered to market in September 2016 and, after 13 months, up to 90% of apartments have already been sold even though the building had just reached pre-lock-up stage.

Considering such a pace of sales, introduction of the third phase was obvious. After 4 days following the introduction of a new pool of 66 flats with space from 23 to 51 m², six of them have already been sold – asserts Monika Kudełko from the marketing department at Activ Investment.
The construction works on the investment will begin in the spring of 2018, and end by Q3 of 2019.