Activ Investment is starting to expand into new markets in Poland. We have been preparing for many years to enter the Warsaw market, so 2022 is a special year for us. We are just starting the process of purchasing very attractive land in the north of Warsaw in the Białołęka district.

Bialoleka is the fastest growing residential district in Warsaw. The northern part of the city is an excellent place both to live and to invest in an apartment for rent. In the “most profitable districts in Poland” ranking, Warsaw’s Bialoleka is on the podium.
Activ Investment is just beginning the process of acquiring plots of land in an excellent location, in the vicinity of Galeria Północna, which is the largest commercial building in this part of Warsaw.
The total area of some of the plots converted for residential development will be almost 8,000 sqm. Ultimately, more than 300 apartments are to be built there.